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At BECOCO we understand the needs of both fashion businesses and their consumers. To meet their needs we develop unique solutions that encapsulate the latest advances in technology.

How it works

  • Create your customer’s unique profile (body shape, colour complexion and preferences)
  • BECOCO API analyses the content of your clothes images
  • BECOCO’s fashion algorithms match your customers with the clothes, which will suit them the best


Results from deep and customer centric research and thorough testing

Offers the option to merge inputs from Retailers on customers online behaviours

Use Machine Learning and fashion theory to profile customers

BECOCO clothes extraction API

We developed innovative convolutional neural networks.

Proprietary computer vision algorithms extract specific features from your clothing images

Fashion styling algorithms

Transferred a fashion stylist knowledge into proprietary algorithms

Taking into account individual preferences and online behaviour

Continuously tested and improved with automatic solutions and end-users