We create tech for fashion's top tastemakers
Our vision is to make choosing the perfect clothes easy for everyone.
Personalised Outfitting
Personalised outfits displayed across every touchpoint of your website and through targeted emails.
Stylist Support+
Equip your stylists team with AI-supported edits and recommendations, scaling personalised styling.
Merchandising AI
Scale your website curation with AI-supported merchandising that can follow human inputs.
Gain style-centric customer insights to optimise product offerings and buying decisions.
What they say about us?
Anticipating further Personal Stylists’ needs and e-shoppers’ expectation,
BECOCO team shows strong capacity to create bespoke innovative clienteling solutions,
continuously improved and expanded with new functionalities.
Séverine Reymond-Gaubert,
Vice President and Global Director of Private Client at 24S.com, LVMH
BECOCO are solving a key issue for fashion shoppers with unique AI, elevating the customer journey across the digital experience.
Carol Hilsum,
Director of Innovation at Farfetch
BECOCO is building smart and revolutionary solutions for us, which makes our daily jobs so much easier.

I'd recommend them to anyone in the sector!
Anouchka Bardunov,
Personal Shopper (Gucci, YNAP, LVMH)
We've experienced remarkable success using Becoco's platform, which has empowered us with data-driven analytics about our customers' individual fashion tastes. Armed with this insight, we've been able to offer personalised style suggestions to our clientele. The outcome has been a noticeable boost in both sales and AOV.
Alexie Cottam,
Head of CRM at Browns Farfetch
Becoco's advanced styling technology categorised our customers into distinct fashion personas, reflecting their unique product interactions. The business was provided with enlightening data-driven insights that have supported our buying and marketing strategies. Even under our tight time constraints, Becoco addressed all of our challenges and provided us with a customised solution that met our specific needs, ensuring clear and open communication throughout the collaboration.
Tyler Psarras,
Brand Director at Browns Farfetch
Becoco AI has redefined efficiency in fashion editing, by streamlining the creation process enabling trackable edits through an insightful data dashboard,and facilitating automated WhatsApp sendouts. It's not just a tool; it's an essential asset for accelerating productivity and enhancing communication in the fashion world.
Audrey Lot,
Senior Fashion Stylist (Farfetch, NAP, SENGA)
About us
At BECOCO we unite the latest AI technologies with fashion styling expertise in order to serve our clients the best recommendation engines. Our team consists of the smartest technical engineers as well as the most experienced fashion stylists who constantly work hand in hand. Through various industry accelerators we are at the pulse of our clients and can customise our products to their exact needs ensuring the best market fit.
Why choose us?
Modularised AI solutions
Chose and combine flexibly from our array of AI solutions to fit your specific needs.
Easy integration
Simply download our Chrome extensions or call our APIs.
Flexible product import
To tag your inventory we can either scrape your products or call your API.
Data & Analytics
Receive reports about all relevant KPIs - from your customers' personal preferences, to engagement and sales.
Styling expertise
We build great tech but its foundation is always informed by our fashion styling experts.
Consumer Research
We build products that your consumers will love. We therefore invest in cutting edge research to meet their expectations.
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